Band "Rise Fighters"

Music style
Rock - Rock (4 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
1 012 615
Last rating
1 006 771
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1 019 394
27 595
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Sales today
114 252
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138 249
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184 188
Sales total
133 758 175

Band members

Andrea ComptonFemale20y 1m€3 471 p/tVocalist (100)
Fairfax ParsonsMale24y 9m€3 333 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Gilda LynchFemale22y 7m€3 437 p/tDrummer (100)
Gloria GreenwoodFemale33y 2m€3 294 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Victoria MedinaFemale36y 4m€3 252 p/tRhythm Guitar (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Boring AfternoonsRecording----
Get To SteppingCharting2019-09-207663
The Number Of The BeastCharting2019-09-172825116Rise Fighters vol. 110
InfinityCharting2019-09-159241118Rise Fighters vol. 110
Another Green WorldCharting2019-09-131491151210Rise Fighters vol. 110
RisenArchived2019-09-11-1671010Rise Fighters vol. 110
2nd PlaceArchived2019-09-09-166911Rise Fighters vol. 110
We Must Have BloodArchived2019-09-07-102910Rise Fighters vol. 110
Brimful Of AshaArchived2019-09-03-104910Rise Fighters vol. 109
Close To MeArchived2019-09-01-1161010Rise Fighters vol. 109
Gimme All Your Lovin’Archived2019-08-30-1171010Rise Fighters vol. 109
DilemmaArchived2019-08-28-1111010Rise Fighters vol. 109
Personal JesusArchived2019-08-26-1281111Rise Fighters vol. 109
Fallin’Archived2019-08-24-1291010Rise Fighters vol. 109
More That A FeelingArchived2019-08-20-121811Rise Fighters vol. 108
All The Things She SaidArchived2019-08-18-102810Rise Fighters vol. 108
RocksArchived2019-08-14-1071410Rise Fighters vol. 107
Bohemian RhapsodyArchived2019-08-11-1061010Rise Fighters vol. 107
96 TearsArchived2019-08-09-97910Rise Fighters vol. 107
HeroArchived2019-08-07-100811Rise Fighters vol. 107


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Rise Fighters vol. 110Charting2019-09-21063222
Rise Fighters vol. 109Archived2019-09-0406-18213
Rise Fighters vol. 108Archived2019-08-2106-24310
Rise Fighters vol. 107Archived2019-08-1506-18210
Rise Fighters vol. 106Archived2019-07-2206-28314
Rise Fighters vol. 105Archived2019-07-0706-24314
Rise Fighters vol. 104Archived2019-06-2206-20710
Rise Fighters vol. 103Archived2019-06-0706-21111
Rise Fighters vol. 102Archived2019-05-2306-24215
Rise Fighters vol. 101Archived2019-05-0806-24515
Rise Fighters vol. 100Archived2019-04-2306-19312
Rise Fighters vol. 99Archived2019-04-0806-32510
Rise Fighters vol. 98Archived2019-03-2706-17210
Rise Fighters vol. 97Archived2019-03-0606-28313
Rise Fighters vol. 96Archived2019-02-1706-20213
Rise Fighters vol. 95Archived2019-02-0206-16612
Rise Fighters vol. 94Archived2019-01-1806-21311
Rise Fighters vol. 93Archived2019-01-0306-15212
Rise Fighters vol. 92Archived2018-12-1906-12412
Rise Fighters vol. 91Archived2018-12-0406-13110