Band "Rise Fighters"

Music style
Rock - Rock (4 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
1 124 446
Last rating
1 126 589
Highest rating
1 169 292
32 842
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Sales today
142 244
Sales yesterday
116 686
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184 188
Sales total
193 936 895

Band members

Andrea ComptonFemale20y 1m€3 471 p/tVocalist (100)
Fairfax ParsonsMale24y 9m€3 333 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Gilda LynchFemale22y 7m€3 437 p/tDrummer (100)
Gloria GreenwoodFemale33y 2m€3 294 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Victoria MedinaFemale36y 4m€3 252 p/tRhythm Guitar (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Theme From ShaftCharting2021-01-1910-101
You're The OneCharting2021-01-172016153
Down TownCharting2021-01-134837117Rise Fighters vol. 143
Bridge Over Troubled WaterCharting2021-01-119464139Rise Fighters vol. 143
King Tubby’s Meet Rockers UptownArchived2021-01-09-2281010Rise Fighters vol. 143
Night NurseArchived2021-01-07-217610Rise Fighters vol. 143
AnnouncementsArchived2021-01-05-114610Rise Fighters vol. 143
Never Odd or EvenArchived2021-01-02-1201010Rise Fighters vol. 143
Road To TomorrowArchived2020-12-28-981210Rise Fighters vol. 142
True FaithArchived2020-12-26-971110Rise Fighters vol. 142
For TomorrowArchived2020-12-23-106911Rise Fighters vol. 142
Growing UpArchived2020-12-19-108610Rise Fighters vol. 142
FreestylerArchived2020-12-17-101710Rise Fighters vol. 142
VillageArchived2020-12-15-1091210Rise Fighters vol. 142
BeliefArchived2020-12-11-1111310Rise Fighters vol. 141
Back To LifeArchived2020-12-08-133910Rise Fighters vol. 141
Walk On Gilded SplintersArchived2020-12-06-1411110Rise Fighters vol. 141
Papa Don’t Take No MessArchived2020-12-04-141910Rise Fighters vol. 141
Insane In The BrainArchived2020-12-02-1341110Rise Fighters vol. 141


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Rise Fighters vol. 143Charting2021-01-14068736
Rise Fighters vol. 142Archived2020-12-2906-36213
Rise Fighters vol. 141Archived2020-12-1406-31410
Rise Fighters vol. 140Archived2020-11-2706-30413
Rise Fighters vol. 139Archived2020-11-1206-29111
Rise Fighters vol. 138Archived2020-10-2706-22211
Rise Fighters vol. 137Archived2020-10-1306-27212
Rise Fighters vol. 136Archived2020-09-2906-27914
Rise Fighters vol. 135Archived2020-09-1506-30313
Rise Fighters vol. 134Archived2020-09-0106-24310
Rise Fighters vol. 133Archived2020-08-1806-22412
Rise Fighters vol. 132Archived2020-08-0406-25211
Rise Fighters vol. 131Archived2020-07-2106-39414
Rise Fighters vol. 130Archived2020-07-0706-27312
Rise Fighters vol. 129Archived2020-06-2206-31511
Rise Fighters vol. 128Archived2020-06-0806-26213
Rise Fighters vol. 127Archived2020-05-2306-45710
Rise Fighters vol. 126Archived2020-05-0906-21210
Rise Fighters vol. 125Archived2020-04-2506-21310
Rise Fighters vol. 124Archived2020-04-1106-24110