Tips for a new person

Hi everyone, I found this by accident and have been here 2 days now. Does anyone have any tips for me please?
Do you need some help on any particular question?
As i see, you have one written song, my suggestion would be to record a single and release it. This way money will start to flow in. And by instructing your band to do the promotion, it should help sales of this single.
I've been playing a while now and I still don't know the best/most efficient way to advance in the rankings but in general you want to buy cheap members and depend on them to build up your cash reserves until you can afford to do more expensive tasks. You eventually want to have a few bands writing recording and releasing regularly to keep generating money and to make sure you don't go bankrupt and you'll also want to buy upgrades as soon as you can safely afford them. Also, don't forget to deposit money in the bank whenever you have any to spare as you'll eventually want to get to a point where the interest generated covers your band members wages. Other than that, working out the best way to do be successful is part of the fun. Some things to consider are:

Do you want to buy expensive but skilled band members and start putting out tracks with them right away OR do you want to buy cheap members but lose out on the cash a band will generate while you practice them up?

When and how often should you gig to build up their reputation and increase sales? What band genres are likely to be the most successful (picking solo vocalists may seem like the most efficient way to make a profit but if you have too many of them you'll soon see diminishing returns compared to bands with more than one member)?

When should you promote (before and/or after releasing singles) and for how long?

People could just tell you their own experiences with this but then that takes the discovery aspect out of the game for you and also hurts their own prospects of being the best manager. ;)
good post by penfy

I always do 6x 1 day of writing + 1 day of recording (releasing singles when recorded) then 1 day of recording an album with 6 singles, 0 songs followed by 1 day of promoting and 1 day of gigging. I don't know if it is the best way, but it is working for me ;)

And definitely don't forget to put money in the bank; it doesn't make much money, since you will be taxed for richness (19m a day for me), but after a while it should cover your bands wages.

I started with one shitty band to make some money, then got bands of only 100s which instantly made more money. So maybe just investing in one good band at the start might be pretty good