The News (2015-08-09)

The News after a bit of a quietness: in practice instruction now you can select practice target that musician will be improving.

In the Instruct your band page from now on you can select practice target. With this practice target you can tailor the strategy what musician has to improve during the practice. You can select to improve musical skill or one of his ability: practicing, writing, promoting, gigging, recording.

Also, there is new stuff to buy in Shop, that will help a bit during the practice.

With these changes practice calculation has changed a bit, to say at least. The new practice results are calculated depending on how old is your musician, what level of practicing ability it has, and additionally you will get bonus from shop's items. The younger your musician is, the more he will improve during the practice. And the same goes for practice ability, the better ability, the better improvement you will get.

To help with the calculation, now on Instruct your band page you can see results of a practice. So you can play a bit with the practice targets to see what improvements are needed for a musician.

And one last note, keep in mind that practicing will increase the wage of a musician. But, it will increase only at half if compared to hiring new member from market with the same musical skill, age and abilities. So by practicing you could improve your musicians that will cost you less in wages.

That's all for now, take care.