The News (2014-06-29)

The news in the game: new way of calculating rating for bands and managers.

After next turn the new way of calculating ratings for bands and managers will take place. Before this, ratings for bands mostly was calculated by summing all created songs and albums, and adding band's fame. The new way will bring changes to which songs and albums will be used and how, when calculating band's rating.

Let's assume, that song has X starting rating points. If that song was created in 3 months from now, then it will add 2X of it's points to the band's rating. If song was created from 3 months to 6 months ago, then it will add X points. If same song was created from 6 months to 9 months ago, then it will add 0,5X (or X/2) of it's own rating points. And if the song is older than 9 months, it will bring nothing (or zero) to the band's rating. Same apply to the band's albums.

This means, that the new way of calculating band's rating will bring some dynamic to the bands' chart. If someone will stop creating songs or albums, then his band will start losing rating points and will roll down in the charts. Because the sum of bands' rating goes to manager's rating, it also will bring same dynamic to the managers chart.

We have to wait till next turn and see how this will impact standings in bands and managers charts.