The News (2014-04-10)

Update to the band's musicians skill calculation: from now on there is a skill bonus from selected music style.

On the "Manage your band" page You will find new field "Skill bonus". This bonus comes from selected music style and will increase your musicians' skills. Distribution of this bonus was made in relation to "Maximum musicians" field, the less You can hire musicians, the bigger bonus You get from music style. But be aware, that biggest bands still will write bests songs. This new "Skill bonus" will help not only in song writing activity, but also while promoting and gigging. While promoting your band will add more fame points to the charting recordings and band. And while gigging your band will get more fame points to itself.

There are changes in "Create a new band" page. When You select music style for the new band, the music style information will be shown below "Create" button. This information should help decide which music style to select.

And here is an example of how this new bonus will collaborate with studio bonus. If your band writes song with 100 rating, and your studio gives 3% bonus, and music style gives 20%, then at the end your song will have 123 (100 + studio bonus 3 + style bonus 20) rating.

About a week ago there were made some changes to the game with introduction of new part - taxes. Only one this time - tax for inactivity in the game. If You are inactive in the game (didn't visit game for 30 days), You will pay about 1% from your wealth. The new tax should help vacate managers chart, that way active members will get better chances to climb to the top of managers chart.

Take care.

That's a good idea about taxing the inactive accounts although 1% i think would hardly make much of a difference every 30 days. Should be a lot higher, towards the 10-20% mark at least i think...

Hi, Gavin.

Here is clarification on the 1% tax. After player was inactive for 30 days, he will pay 1% tax for every turn. So, after few months from the start of the payments most of his wealth should be gone. : )