The News (2014-02-23)

Few, but small changes this time.

Changed how band gets reward for gigging. From now on if You instruct your band to gig for 3 days, You will get revenue after each day. Also I made an increase in attendance, because it seemed that it was to low. Just a reminder, that ticket price and an attendance for gigging depends on your band's fame.

Additional information on "Band" page, which shows all your bands. Here is a link. There You will find information like all your bands' wage per day, how much days you could pay wage for all bands (this should help to plan ahead of bankruptcy), and there is a selection of "best of the best" (best, famous, best selling, most expensive) from your bands.

Additional way to increase band's fame. From now on each band will get some daily fame points for every recording, which is charting. Band, which holds current #1 single or album, will get 10 times more fame points for that single or album. So, it is better to get this #1 spot. Another reminder, that your main way to increase band's fame still should be to instruct your band to promote. This way your band will get much more fame points.

In bands' chart there is a new column - Fame. This will show how your band's fame compares to neighboring bands in the charts. Link to chart.