The News (2014-02-16)

The new feature in the game - the bank.

On the left menu you will find new section "Bank". There you can take out a loan or make a deposit to the bank. Respectively you will have to pay daily interest for the loan or get daily interest from the bank for your deposit. Daily interests are calculated at midnight by UTC (GMT). Before this time you can do whatever you like at the bank. Keep in mind, that if you put all your money in bank deposit, your bands' wages will be charged, even if this will make your money account negative.

On bank page you will find all the rest rules. But if you have any question about this feature, don't hesitate to ask here in the forum.

Happy banking. : )

Very cool update! Have you thought about different account types based on how much money you put in and having it locked in so people don't just drop 1 million at 11:59 then remove it 5 seconds later... or penalty for removing based on account type if they do such actions?

Hi, Khazadum.

Yes, I thought about this type of actions, but decided to not give any kind of punishment or penalty. After all, this game is meant to be stress free, so any punishment would be against this idea. So, it's up to You to put money in bank deposit few minutes before daily turn calculations and withdraw it few minutes later. : )