Band "Rise Fighters"

Music style
Rock - Rock (4 members)
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Fully formed
905 658
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904 874
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940 644
24 975
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113 780
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88 838
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184 188
Sales total
113 116 945

Band members

Andrea ComptonFemale20y 1m€3 471 p/tVocalist (100)
Fairfax ParsonsMale24y 9m€3 333 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Gilda LynchFemale22y 7m€3 437 p/tDrummer (100)
Gloria GreenwoodFemale33y 2m€3 294 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Victoria MedinaFemale36y 4m€3 252 p/tRhythm Guitar (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Prison BreakArchived2014-11-18-622610Rise Fighters vol. 3
Weightless AgainArchived2014-11-20-572310Rise Fighters vol. 3
You Held The World In Your ArmsArchived2014-11-30-492310Rise Fighters vol. 4
Whoomp! (There It Is)Archived2014-12-01-502210Rise Fighters vol. 4
Christine’s TuneArchived2014-12-03-441710Rise Fighters vol. 4
Blue Screen of DubArchived2014-12-05-441410Rise Fighters vol. 4
Ain’t That A ShameArchived2014-12-07-451310Rise Fighters vol. 4
Hey Hey HeyArchived2014-12-09-431010Rise Fighters vol. 4
Beautiful DayArchived2014-12-11-451010Rise Fighters vol. 4
Because Of YouArchived2015-01-05-642010Rise Fighters vol. 5
A Changed ManArchived2015-01-06-632210Rise Fighters vol. 5
Fire BrigadeArchived2015-01-07-642010Rise Fighters vol. 5
Part of MeArchived2015-01-08-631910Rise Fighters vol. 5
TransmissionArchived2015-01-09-572210Rise Fighters vol. 5
Santa Cruz (You’re Not Hat Far)Archived2015-01-10-512210Rise Fighters vol. 5
RiotArchived2015-01-11-521110Rise Fighters vol. 5
Yo HeisenbergArchived2015-01-13-522010Rise Fighters vol. 6
Heart Is Still HurtingArchived2015-01-29-521410Rise Fighters vol. 6
See Her PlayArchived2015-01-30-521510Rise Fighters vol. 6
My SkiesArchived2015-01-31-541310Rise Fighters vol. 6


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Rise Fighters vol. 21Archived2015-12-1606-10116
Rise Fighters vol. 22Archived2016-01-0706-10110
Rise Fighters vol. 23Archived2016-01-2806-15213
Rise Fighters vol. 24Archived2016-02-1006-8211
Rise Fighters vol. 25Archived2016-02-2406-14313
Rise Fighters vol. 26Archived2016-03-1106-17110
Rise Fighters vol. 27Archived2016-03-3006-18110
Rise Fighters vol. 28Archived2016-04-1006-13312
Rise Fighters vol. 29Archived2016-04-2506-10112
Rise Fighters vol. 30Archived2016-05-1006-10210
Rise Fighters vol. 31Archived2016-05-2706-15513
Rise Fighters vol. 32Archived2016-06-0906-12214
Rise Fighters vol. 33Archived2016-06-2406-11115
Rise Fighters vol. 34Archived2016-07-1406-14516
Rise Fighters vol. 35Archived2016-07-2706-11115
Rise Fighters vol. 36Archived2016-08-1306-11213
Rise Fighters vol. 37Archived2016-08-2706-13312
Rise Fighters vol. 38Archived2016-09-1106-12411
Rise Fighters vol. 39Archived2016-09-2706-18316
Rise Fighters vol. 40Archived2016-10-1306-11110