Band "Foo Against"

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Rock - Rock (4 members)
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Band members

Adler ReillyMale41y 4m€2 131 p/tRhythm Guitar (72)
Cheryl HollowayFemale42y 6m€1 400 p/tDrummer (47)
Helena GriffithFemale51y 8m€1 242 p/tLead Guitar (43)
Larissa HouseFemale52y 3m€1 200 p/tBass Guitar (42)
Melinda KeeganFemale37y 2m€1 339 p/tAcoustic Guitar (34)
Trixie CliffordFemale40y 2m€1 427 p/tVocalist (47)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
CaliforniacationCharting2018-09-174340403Foo Against vol. 88
Blue MondayCharting2018-09-155153385Foo Against vol. 88
Killing Me Softly With His SongCharting2018-09-136463337Foo Against vol. 88
DarknessCharting2018-09-119480379Foo Against vol. 88
Boogie NightArchived2018-09-09-1094110Foo Against vol. 88
When Will You LearnArchived2018-09-07-1113810Foo Against vol. 88
Under The BoardwalkArchived2018-09-02-1013310Foo Against vol. 87
SoulArchived2018-08-31-1033510Foo Against vol. 87
When Will We Be PaidArchived2018-08-29-1003510Foo Against vol. 87
RisingArchived2018-08-27-982810Foo Against vol. 87
EverythingArchived2018-08-24-1032910Foo Against vol. 87
Jealous GuyArchived2018-08-22-942610Foo Against vol. 87
The FloorArchived2018-08-15-993510Foo Against vol. 86
Video Games Are Bad For Your HealthArchived2018-08-13-903310Foo Against vol. 86
The WeightArchived2018-08-11-953510Foo Against vol. 86
Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’Archived2018-08-09-993210Foo Against vol. 86
From the FloorArchived2018-08-07-993410Foo Against vol. 86
HoudiniArchived2018-08-05-1003010Foo Against vol. 86
What You Do To MeArchived2018-07-31-853510Foo Against vol. 85
Fix Up, Look SharpArchived2018-07-29-923410Foo Against vol. 85


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Foo Against vol. 88Charting2018-09-18069882
Foo Against vol. 87Archived2018-09-0306-20910
Foo Against vol. 86Archived2018-08-1606-20710
Foo Against vol. 85Archived2018-08-0106-28910
Foo Against vol. 84Archived2018-07-1906-16710
Foo Against vol. 83Archived2018-07-0306-14710
Foo Against vol. 82Archived2018-06-1806-18910
Foo Against vol. 81Archived2018-06-0306-14710
Foo Against vol. 80Archived2018-05-1906-21710
Foo Against vol. 79Archived2018-05-0406-15810
Foo Against vol. 78Archived2018-04-1706-13910
Foo Against vol. 77Archived2018-04-0206-22910
Foo Against vol. 76Archived2018-03-1806-13410
Foo Against vol. 75Archived2018-03-0306-18710
Foo Against vol. 74Archived2018-02-1606-15710
Foo Against vol. 73Archived2018-01-3106-16910
Foo Against vol. 72Archived2018-01-1606-19610
Foo Against vol. 71Archived2018-01-0106-161010
Foo Against vol. 70Archived2017-12-1706-11910
Foo Against vol. 69Archived2017-12-0106-6310