Band "My fifth band"

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Vocalist - Solo Vocalist (1 member)
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188 260
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Band members

Lombard OgleMale49y 9m€2 984 p/tVocalist (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Nation of PowerWritten----
Dark MagicWritten----
Midnight MemoriesWritten----
Lily, Rosemary And Jack Of HeartsWritten----
Lonesome EyeRecorded----
Dat FunkCharting2020-07-01158141849
Ignition RemixCharting2020-07-01154137849
One ThingCharting2020-07-01152136889
Growing UpCharting2020-07-01159145909
EruptionArchived2020-06-11-2017810My fifth band vol. 24
When We Stand TogetherArchived2020-05-28-1787210My fifth band vol. 23
PinArchived2020-05-21-1778910My fifth band vol. 23
Hickory WindArchived2020-05-21-1838510My fifth band vol. 23
What's Your Name?Archived2020-05-21-1818810My fifth band vol. 23
Clint EastwoodArchived2020-05-21-1788410My fifth band vol. 23
Pandas are CoolArchived2020-06-11-2047910My fifth band vol. 24
AcquiesceArchived2020-06-11-1987910My fifth band vol. 24
More That A FeelingArchived2020-05-05-1827710My fifth band vol. 22
The CutterArchived2020-05-05-1877710My fifth band vol. 22
Café Del MarArchived2020-05-05-1807910My fifth band vol. 22


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
My fifth band vol. 24Charting2020-07-01252422149
My fifth band vol. 23Archived2020-06-1155-301110
My fifth band vol. 22Archived2020-05-2854-362410
My fifth band vol. 21Archived2020-05-0525-341810
My fifth band vol. 20Archived2020-05-0525-401910
My fifth band vol. 19Archived2020-03-3026-351510
My fifth band vol. 18Archived2020-03-0624-291910
My fifth band vol. 17Archived2020-02-20210-361410
My fifth band vol. 16Archived2020-02-2026-392010
My fifth band vol. 15Archived2020-02-0336-251710
My fifth band vol. 14Archived2020-01-1727-432210
My fifth band vol. 13Archived2020-01-0727-32710
My fifth band vol. 12Archived2019-11-1815-261010
My fifth band vol. 11Archived2019-10-2824-34810
My fifth band vol. 10Archived2019-10-2116-281610
My fifth band vol. 9Archived2019-10-0224-451510
My fifth band vol. 8Archived2019-09-1726-331410
My fifth band vol. 7Archived2019-08-27212-32710
My fifth band vol. 6Archived2019-07-3046-231010
My fifth band vol. 5Archived2019-06-2136-351710