Band "Dropkick Molly"

Music style
Folk - Folk Rock (5 members)
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695 405
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699 732
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702 415
7 919
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79 511
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60 405
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117 823
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27 123 282

Band members

Edwina SteeleFemale31y 7m€3 206 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Fern SpenceFemale46y 9m€3 035 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Honey PurcellFemale47y 2m€3 075 p/tVocalist (100)
Jack EnglishMale44y 0m€3 072 p/tDrummer (100)
Oswald CassidyMale46y 9m€3 080 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Wendy DalyFemale35y 7m€3 178 p/tWind (Other) (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Close To MeRecording----
See Emily PlayCharting2019-06-1722-221
Washing MachineCharting2019-06-153428283
Give Piece A ChanceCharting2019-06-135042305
Proud MaryCharting2019-06-116354297
Good SoulsArchived2019-06-06-1351910Dropkick Molly vol. 27
Vigilante ManArchived2019-06-04-1602510Dropkick Molly vol. 27
One KissArchived2019-06-02-1572610Dropkick Molly vol. 27
Angel Of DeathArchived2019-05-31-1272010Dropkick Molly vol. 27
Broken Dreams, Fallen LivesArchived2019-05-29-1343010Dropkick Molly vol. 27
KnocksArchived2019-05-27-1282610Dropkick Molly vol. 27
It’s Not Right But It’s OkArchived2019-05-22-1463310Dropkick Molly vol. 26
Long Tall SallyArchived2019-05-20-1512710Dropkick Molly vol. 26
ImaginativeArchived2019-05-18-1403010Dropkick Molly vol. 26
It’s Not Right But It’s OkArchived2019-05-16-1532710Dropkick Molly vol. 26
Sing It BackArchived2019-05-16-1492810Dropkick Molly vol. 26
Take My Breath AwayArchived2019-05-12-1962310Dropkick Molly vol. 26
EverythingArchived2019-05-07-1472610Dropkick Molly vol. 25
Master Of PuppetsArchived2019-05-05-1332610Dropkick Molly vol. 25
AnesthesiaArchived2019-05-03-1593010Dropkick Molly vol. 25


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Dropkick Molly vol. 27Charting2019-06-07062323211
Dropkick Molly vol. 26Archived2019-05-2306-25315
Dropkick Molly vol. 25Archived2019-05-0806-25615
Dropkick Molly vol. 24Archived2019-04-2306-24512
Dropkick Molly vol. 23Archived2019-04-0806-33710
Dropkick Molly vol. 22Archived2019-03-2706-18310
Dropkick Molly vol. 21Archived2019-03-0606-29413
Dropkick Molly vol. 20Archived2019-02-1706-21312
Dropkick Molly vol. 19Archived2019-02-0206-17712
Dropkick Molly vol. 18Archived2019-01-1806-23511
Dropkick Molly vol. 17Archived2019-01-0306-17312
Dropkick Molly vol. 16Archived2018-12-1906-13512
Dropkick Molly vol. 15Archived2018-12-0406-14210
Dropkick Molly vol. 14Archived2018-11-1906-26514
Dropkick Molly vol. 13Archived2018-11-0306-23513
Dropkick Molly vol. 12Archived2018-10-1906-27612
Dropkick Molly vol. 11Archived2018-10-0306-17310
Dropkick Molly vol. 10Archived2018-09-1806-7210
Dropkick Molly vol. 9Archived2018-09-0306-17212
Dropkick Molly vol. 8Archived2018-08-1506-14110