Band "Flogging Murphys"

Music style
Folk - Folk Rock (5 members)
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Fully formed
550 223
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549 323
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573 687
5 498
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59 306
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45 373
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89 882
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17 680 807

Band members

Caitlin McCormickFemale46y 4m€1 552 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Hector OwensMale46y 4m€3 071 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Idelle GutierrezFemale42y 6m€3 088 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Kody ChandlerMale43y 5m€3 108 p/tWind (Other) (100)
Leon BrewerMale54y 9m€1 397 p/tVocalist (100)
Thea McFaddenFemale53y 9m€2 993 p/tDrummer (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Good SoulsRecording----
182 – The Rock ShowCharting2019-03-2237-371
Whatcha Doin' Today?Charting2019-03-176860456
You Really Got MeCharting2019-03-159378448
Monkey WrenchCharting2019-03-131641173210
Rave OnArchived2019-03-11-1442310
The Sun and the MoonArchived2019-03-03-1252710Flogging Murphys vol. 21
IntroductionArchived2019-03-01-1152610Flogging Murphys vol. 21
I’m A BelieverArchived2019-02-27-1173010Flogging Murphys vol. 21
Fools Gold (Long Ver)Archived2019-02-25-1263210Flogging Murphys vol. 21
Uptown Top RankingArchived2019-02-23-1283210Flogging Murphys vol. 21
The DemonArchived2019-02-21-1473110Flogging Murphys vol. 21
Walk This WayArchived2019-02-16-1233410Flogging Murphys vol. 20
BlackoutArchived2019-02-14-1283510Flogging Murphys vol. 20
That's The Way I Like ItArchived2019-02-12-1103710Flogging Murphys vol. 20
My Only ComfortArchived2019-02-10-1253010Flogging Murphys vol. 20
Tutti FruttiArchived2019-02-08-1332510Flogging Murphys vol. 20
The Warmth Of The SunArchived2019-02-06-1313410Flogging Murphys vol. 20
Should I Stay Or Should I GoArchived2019-02-01-1193510Flogging Murphys vol. 19


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Flogging Murphys vol. 21Archived2019-03-0606-35613
Flogging Murphys vol. 20Archived2019-02-1706-21610
Flogging Murphys vol. 19Archived2019-02-0206-221012
Flogging Murphys vol. 18Archived2019-01-1806-24910
Flogging Murphys vol. 17Archived2019-01-0306-21612
Flogging Murphys vol. 16Archived2018-12-1906-15812
Flogging Murphys vol. 15Archived2018-12-0406-17510
Flogging Murphys vol. 14Archived2018-11-1906-29714
Flogging Murphys vol. 13Archived2018-11-0306-23810
Flogging Murphys vol. 12Archived2018-10-1906-22811
Flogging Murphys vol. 11Archived2018-10-0306-20510
Flogging Murphys vol. 10Archived2018-09-1806-10410
Flogging Murphys vol. 9Archived2018-09-0306-19611
Flogging Murphys vol. 8Archived2018-08-1506-15410
Flogging Murphys vol. 7Archived2018-07-3106-22514
Flogging Murphys vol. 6Archived2018-07-1606-16511
Flogging Murphys vol. 5Archived2018-07-0106-10410
Flogging Murphys vol. 4Archived2018-06-1606-20413
Flogging Murphys vol. 3Archived2018-06-0106-14510
Flogging Murphys vol. 2Archived2018-05-1706-19410