Band "yeee, baby yeee"

Music style
Dance - Disco (4 members)
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478 074
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477 986
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493 101
32 590
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37 039
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43 558
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87 548
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30 476 975

Band members

Bert FryMale48y 4m€2 327 p/tModern Dance (100)
Braden HawkinsMale32y 11m€2 536 p/tKeyboards (100)
Lois RobertsFemale52y 11m€2 299 p/tVocalist (100)
Rita HalseyFemale40y 5m€2 431 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Ruby KeeneFemale40y 3m€2 449 p/tVocalist (100)
Tabitha ChaseFemale45y 3m€2 388 p/tDrummer (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
I Heard It Thru The GrapevineCharting2018-08-169846
All I Have To DoArchived2018-08-02-65312
I Want You To Want MeArchived2018-07-23-64414yeee, baby yeee vol. 49
Bad CompanyArchived2018-07-13-63312yeee, baby yeee vol. 49
StanArchived2018-07-06-84315yeee, baby yeee vol. 49
The Look Of LoveArchived2018-06-28-71513yeee, baby yeee vol. 49
Come Away With MeArchived2018-06-21-70313yeee, baby yeee vol. 49
RunawayArchived2018-06-03-92515yeee, baby yeee vol. 48
DaydreamerArchived2018-05-28-90415yeee, baby yeee vol. 48
New York, New YorkArchived2018-05-18-75513yeee, baby yeee vol. 48
Travel The WorldArchived2018-05-01-95315yeee, baby yeee vol. 47
LaylaArchived2018-04-24-88215yeee, baby yeee vol. 47
CuyahogaArchived2018-04-18-85815yeee, baby yeee vol. 47
WishingArchived2018-04-07-90313yeee, baby yeee vol. 47
PushermanArchived2018-04-01-83614yeee, baby yeee vol. 47
TodayArchived2018-03-17-68513yeee, baby yeee vol. 46
We’ve Got To Get Out Of This PlaceArchived2018-03-06-85514yeee, baby yeee vol. 46
UnprettyArchived2018-02-27-84514yeee, baby yeee vol. 46
Jump!Archived2018-02-11-77512yeee, baby yeee vol. 45


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
yeee, baby yeee vol. 49Archived2018-07-2715-24118
yeee, baby yeee vol. 48Archived2018-06-1033-18214
yeee, baby yeee vol. 47Archived2018-05-0815-17115
yeee, baby yeee vol. 46Archived2018-03-2433-18311
yeee, baby yeee vol. 45Archived2018-02-1733-18215
yeee, baby yeee vol. 44Archived2018-01-2015-26116
yeee, baby yeee vol. 43Archived2017-11-3024-9114
yeee, baby yeee vol. 42Archived2017-10-2133-17416
yeee, baby yeee vol. 41Archived2017-09-1933-9416
yeee, baby yeee vol. 40Archived2017-08-1733-10210
yeee, baby yeee vol. 39Archived2017-07-2233-16715
yeee, baby yeee vol. 38Archived2017-06-2015-14217
yeee, baby yeee vol. 37Archived2017-05-0533-10313
yeee, baby yeee vol. 36Archived2017-04-0324-9113
yeee, baby yeee vol. 35Archived2017-02-2515-10115
yeee, baby yeee vol. 34Archived2017-01-1215-15111
yeee, baby yeee vol. 33Archived2016-11-2915-9316
yeee, baby yeee vol. 32Archived2016-10-1415-10210
yeee, baby yeee vol. 31Archived2016-09-0142-16510
yeee, baby yeee vol. 30Archived2016-08-0515-11311