Band "Enter Shakira"

Music style
Rock - Indie (4 members)
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695 654
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698 987
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700 881
13 237
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64 301
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80 384
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Band members

Brittany FitchFemale31y 0m€3 308 p/tDrummer (100)
Jeanne SuttonFemale36y 8m€3 112 p/tBass Guitar (100)
Lucia FinnFemale25y 3m€3 210 p/tKeyboards (100)
Maureen DowdFemale21y 11m€3 350 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Nessia FaganFemale22y 4m€3 222 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Shannon McCullochFemale36y 8m€3 085 p/tVocalist (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Waiting For A Girl Like YouRecorded----
Start growingCharting2018-07-151711112
Moon ShadowCharting2018-07-132418124
Your Own DisasterCharting2018-07-113931126
Bored in BroadcastArchived2018-07-06-931410Enter Shakira vol. 59
When Will We Be PaidArchived2018-07-04-881010Enter Shakira vol. 59
RiseArchived2018-07-02-831310Enter Shakira vol. 59
GoodbyeArchived2018-06-30-841310Enter Shakira vol. 59
A New HopeArchived2018-06-28-861510Enter Shakira vol. 59
LooksArchived2018-06-26-801310Enter Shakira vol. 59
LighthouseArchived2018-06-21-881310Enter Shakira vol. 58
Close To MeArchived2018-06-19-921410Enter Shakira vol. 58
In VainArchived2018-06-17-831610Enter Shakira vol. 58
Re-MasteredArchived2018-06-15-871210Enter Shakira vol. 58
Like ThatArchived2018-06-13-851110Enter Shakira vol. 58
Pac-Man LogicArchived2018-06-11-841810Enter Shakira vol. 58
Twice As FastArchived2018-06-06-851110Enter Shakira vol. 57
The New MeArchived2018-06-04-911110Enter Shakira vol. 57
UnthinkableArchived2018-06-02-961810Enter Shakira vol. 57
4 My PeopleArchived2018-05-31-871510Enter Shakira vol. 57


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Enter Shakira vol. 59Charting2018-07-07062015410
Enter Shakira vol. 58Archived2018-06-2206-15211
Enter Shakira vol. 57Archived2018-06-0706-14311
Enter Shakira vol. 56Archived2018-05-2306-19413
Enter Shakira vol. 55Archived2018-05-0806-19314
Enter Shakira vol. 54Archived2018-04-2006-13211
Enter Shakira vol. 53Archived2018-04-0506-22415
Enter Shakira vol. 52Archived2018-03-2106-17210
Enter Shakira vol. 51Archived2018-03-0606-13415
Enter Shakira vol. 50Archived2018-02-1906-17213
Enter Shakira vol. 49Archived2018-02-0406-13310
Enter Shakira vol. 48Archived2018-01-1906-24112
Enter Shakira vol. 47Archived2018-01-0406-14314
Enter Shakira vol. 46Archived2017-12-2006-12111
Enter Shakira vol. 45Archived2017-12-0406-6110
Enter Shakira vol. 44Archived2017-11-1906-15314
Enter Shakira vol. 43Archived2017-11-0406-9112
Enter Shakira vol. 42Archived2017-10-2006-20413
Enter Shakira vol. 41Archived2017-10-0506-11113
Enter Shakira vol. 40Archived2017-09-2006-7215