Band "Biger"

Music style
Orchestral - Big Band (4 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
723 987
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723 913
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782 526
80 114
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Sales today
72 401
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85 014
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126 610
Sales total
104 448 108

Band members

Phyllis UnderwoodFemale29y 7m€3 292 p/tTraditional Dance (100)
Meris PrestonFemale43y 10m€3 334 p/tPiano (100)
Margot McLainFemale48y 7m€3 033 p/tWind (Other) (100)
Blythe KochFemale31y 11m€3 275 p/tDrummer (100)
Audrey CrowleyFemale51y 8m€2 993 p/tSaxophone (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
“Heroes”Archived2017-08-25-70216Biger vol. 46
Your Love Belongs Under A RockArchived2017-04-02-53214Biger vol. 41
Your Lost SmileArchived2017-06-30-61115Biger vol. 44
You Really Got MeArchived2014-08-05-961414Biger vol. 13
You Really Got MeArchived2017-12-26-66215Biger vol. 50
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)Archived2015-09-22-45116Biger vol. 25
You Made Me RealiseArchived2020-02-05-93113Biger vol. 74
Writing To Reach YouArchived2015-06-15-39115Biger vol. 22
Wild HorsesArchived2018-09-01-93215Biger vol. 58
Wichita LinemanArchived2014-01-14-641414Biger vol. 7
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?Archived2020-01-09-102115Biger vol. 74
Why Do I Love?Archived2018-11-28-84215Biger vol. 61
Whole Lotta LoveArchived2020-03-17-176215Biger vol. 76
Where to Find MeArchived2014-06-10-951414Biger vol. 12
What's Your NameArchived2016-03-15-74215Biger vol. 30
What you say now?Archived2015-10-30-45116Biger vol. 26
What Makes You BeautifulArchived2019-07-17-113115Biger vol. 68
What Dose Your Soul Look LikeArchived2014-02-24-701314Biger vol. 8
What Dose Your Soul Look LikeArchived2015-06-22-37215Biger vol. 22
We’ve Got To Get Out Of This PlaceArchived2014-11-24-43316Biger vol. 16


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Biger vol. 9Archived2014-03-2242-11113
Biger vol. 8Archived2014-03-0124-19213
Biger vol. 78Archived2020-06-2224-37315
Biger vol. 77Archived2020-05-1424-25110
Biger vol. 76Archived2020-04-0242-26213
Biger vol. 75Archived2020-03-1133-31412
Biger vol. 74Archived2020-02-1315-41113
Biger vol. 73Archived2020-01-0215-29215
Biger vol. 72Archived2019-11-2542-35313
Biger vol. 71Archived2019-10-2833-25214
Biger vol. 70Archived2019-09-3024-29112
Biger vol. 7Archived2014-01-2833-19114
Biger vol. 69Archived2019-08-2542-34314
Biger vol. 68Archived2019-08-0142-33216
Biger vol. 67Archived2019-07-1142-27214
Biger vol. 66Archived2019-06-2024-20413
Biger vol. 65Archived2019-05-1733-39315
Biger vol. 64Archived2019-04-2015-23316
Biger vol. 63Archived2019-03-1024-26217
Biger vol. 62Archived2019-02-0215-25117