Band "Mumfords cousin"

Music style
Folk - Bluegrass (4 members)
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Fully formed
534 832
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546 452
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590 340
51 424
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62 284
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77 057
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97 649
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61 588 395

Band members

Atwood ElliottMale21y 4m€3 287 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Douglas AndrewsMale50y 2m€2 869 p/tDrummer (100)
Keaton HammondMale29y 0m€3 150 p/tVocalist (100)
Talia PerkinsFemale19y 7m€3 289 p/tBanjo (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
You Made Me RealiseCharting2019-05-205443
Can't Stop Me NowCharting2019-05-1311866210
White RabbitArchived2019-05-05-128314
Sexy BoyArchived2019-04-28-140515
I Want It That WayArchived2019-04-13-116413Mumfords cousin vol. 65
White Light/White HeatArchived2019-04-06-120213Mumfords cousin vol. 65
7 ThingsArchived2019-03-26-128514Mumfords cousin vol. 64
DirtyArchived2019-03-16-114414Mumfords cousin vol. 64
A RemedyArchived2019-03-10-118414Mumfords cousin vol. 64
A Song About NothingArchived2019-03-04-124414Mumfords cousin vol. 64
Diamond GirlArchived2019-02-15-93313Mumfords cousin vol. 63
Alone Again OrArchived2019-02-06-101514Mumfords cousin vol. 63
LaArchived2019-01-23-99614Mumfords cousin vol. 62
Washing MachineArchived2019-01-17-103415Mumfords cousin vol. 62
As We KissedArchived2019-01-10-81313Mumfords cousin vol. 62
The Sun and the MoonArchived2018-12-26-99613Mumfords cousin vol. 61
Take It To The LimitArchived2018-12-20-119415Mumfords cousin vol. 61
Art is HardArchived2018-12-13-69414Mumfords cousin vol. 61
La GrangeArchived2018-12-07-83314Mumfords cousin vol. 61
We Bought too Many Games!Archived2018-12-01-82415Mumfords cousin vol. 61


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Mumfords cousin vol. 65Archived2019-04-2042-28912
Mumfords cousin vol. 64Archived2019-03-3124-45214
Mumfords cousin vol. 63Archived2019-02-2342-26413
Mumfords cousin vol. 62Archived2019-01-3033-23515
Mumfords cousin vol. 61Archived2018-12-3115-20215
Mumfords cousin vol. 60Archived2018-11-2415-15116
Mumfords cousin vol. 59Archived2018-10-1242-20311
Mumfords cousin vol. 58Archived2018-09-1933-7113
Mumfords cousin vol. 57Archived2018-08-1815-15216
Mumfords cousin vol. 56Archived2018-07-1215-14215
Mumfords cousin vol. 55Archived2018-05-3033-14115
Mumfords cousin vol. 54Archived2018-05-0424-18116
Mumfords cousin vol. 53Archived2018-03-2942-21515
Mumfords cousin vol. 52Archived2018-03-0415-15217
Mumfords cousin vol. 51Archived2018-01-2415-18115
Mumfords cousin vol. 50Archived2017-12-1842-13213
Mumfords cousin vol. 49Archived2017-11-2442-8315
Mumfords cousin vol. 48Archived2017-10-3124-9115
Mumfords cousin vol. 47Archived2017-09-2324-7114
Mumfords cousin vol. 46Archived2017-08-1842-9210