Band "Mumfords cousin"

Music style
Folk - Bluegrass (4 members)
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482 642
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482 640
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503 109
37 658
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39 710
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46 599
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82 970
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39 938 226

Band members

Atwood ElliottMale21y 4m€3 287 p/tAcoustic Guitar (100)
Douglas AndrewsMale50y 2m€2 869 p/tDrummer (100)
Keaton HammondMale29y 0m€3 150 p/tVocalist (100)
Talia PerkinsFemale19y 7m€3 289 p/tBanjo (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Monster (Live)Charting2018-02-14181635
I’m On StandbyCharting2018-02-086664211
Bills, Bills, BillsArchived2018-02-01-65414
001Archived2018-01-19-71515Mumfords cousin vol. 51
Theme SongArchived2018-01-13-72314Mumfords cousin vol. 51
The Other OneArchived2018-01-06-73515Mumfords cousin vol. 51
The Legends Of The MountainArchived2017-12-31-63414Mumfords cousin vol. 51
AngelsArchived2017-12-25-63415Mumfords cousin vol. 51
Pushing Too HardArchived2017-12-11-45313Mumfords cousin vol. 50
Brass In PocketArchived2017-12-04-65515Mumfords cousin vol. 50
Simon SayesArchived2017-11-16-56414Mumfords cousin vol. 49
Bad Moon RisingArchived2017-11-07-61214Mumfords cousin vol. 49
Losing My ReligionArchived2017-10-26-47613Mumfords cousin vol. 48
The MillionaireArchived2017-10-17-52513Mumfords cousin vol. 48
Crisis!Archived2017-10-10-56515Mumfords cousin vol. 48
Yakety YakArchived2017-09-30-55414Mumfords cousin vol. 48
Tutti FruttiArchived2017-09-17-52414Mumfords cousin vol. 47
He Will Break Your HeartArchived2017-09-09-48415Mumfords cousin vol. 47
As We KissedArchived2017-09-03-55313Mumfords cousin vol. 47
Cry Me A RiverArchived2017-08-27-60414Mumfords cousin vol. 47


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Mumfords cousin vol. 51Archived2018-01-2415-18115
Mumfords cousin vol. 50Archived2017-12-1842-13213
Mumfords cousin vol. 49Archived2017-11-2442-8315
Mumfords cousin vol. 48Archived2017-10-3124-9115
Mumfords cousin vol. 47Archived2017-09-2324-7114
Mumfords cousin vol. 46Archived2017-08-1842-9210
Mumfords cousin vol. 45Archived2017-07-2624-12414
Mumfords cousin vol. 44Archived2017-06-2342-13314
Mumfords cousin vol. 43Archived2017-06-0233-17115
Mumfords cousin vol. 42Archived2017-05-0533-8213
Mumfords cousin vol. 41Archived2017-04-0533-12114
Mumfords cousin vol. 40Archived2017-03-0715-17115
Mumfords cousin vol. 39Archived2017-01-2824-10215
Mumfords cousin vol. 38Archived2016-12-2342-13212
Mumfords cousin vol. 37Archived2016-12-0215-7115
Mumfords cousin vol. 36Archived2016-10-2224-15215
Mumfords cousin vol. 35Archived2016-09-1724-12216
Mumfords cousin vol. 34Archived2016-08-1324-10113
Mumfords cousin vol. 33Archived2016-07-1324-15417
Mumfords cousin vol. 32Archived2016-06-0724-13216