Band "Guitar shredding"

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Rock - Metal (4 members)
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760 242
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760 240
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793 708
80 721
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106 405 905

Band members

Bowen RodgersMale51y 3m€3 289 p/tDrummer (100)
Francis CollinsMale34y 0m€3 237 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Imogen GoodwinFemale23y 3m€3 428 p/tRhythm Guitar (100)
Judith BowenFemale55y 1m€3 217 p/tVocalist (100)
Ralph CardenasMale56y 4m€2 923 p/tBass Guitar (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
A Song About NothingCharting2020-08-056515
I Fought The LawCharting2020-07-308976211
Ghost TownArchived2020-07-10-119115Guitar shredding vol. 78
Searchin’Archived2020-07-03-110215Guitar shredding vol. 78
Science!Archived2020-06-23-124115Guitar shredding vol. 78
ScreamArchived2020-06-12-125115Guitar shredding vol. 77
Because The NightArchived2020-06-03-121214Guitar shredding vol. 77
Can’t Get You Out Of My HeadArchived2020-05-28-157215Guitar shredding vol. 77
I, the AuthorArchived2020-05-22-107115Guitar shredding vol. 77
SunnyArchived2020-05-12-96114Guitar shredding vol. 77
Like A PrayerArchived2020-04-26-163114Guitar shredding vol. 76
FeverArchived2020-04-19-127315Guitar shredding vol. 76
Super Sharp ShooterArchived2020-04-08-208217Guitar shredding vol. 75
DebaserArchived2020-04-02-152315Guitar shredding vol. 75
I’m A BelieverArchived2020-03-26-123215Guitar shredding vol. 75
Bring Me To LifeArchived2020-03-17-174115Guitar shredding vol. 75
Baby Its YouArchived2020-03-10-129215Guitar shredding vol. 75
Art is Hard (Live)Archived2020-02-24-117114Guitar shredding vol. 74
SometimesArchived2020-02-18-114215Guitar shredding vol. 74


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Guitar shredding vol. 78Archived2020-07-1633-26115
Guitar shredding vol. 77Archived2020-06-1715-37115
Guitar shredding vol. 76Archived2020-05-0542-25510
Guitar shredding vol. 75Archived2020-04-1315-28117
Guitar shredding vol. 74Archived2020-03-0233-23314
Guitar shredding vol. 73Archived2020-02-0324-15113
Guitar shredding vol. 72Archived2019-12-2924-25212
Guitar shredding vol. 71Archived2019-11-2733-26115
Guitar shredding vol. 70Archived2019-10-3042-22312
Guitar shredding vol. 69Archived2019-10-0733-53318
Guitar shredding vol. 68Archived2019-09-0624-22115
Guitar shredding vol. 67Archived2019-08-0515-30116
Guitar shredding vol. 66Archived2019-06-2624-34216
Guitar shredding vol. 65Archived2019-05-2324-30116
Guitar shredding vol. 64Archived2019-04-1633-34316
Guitar shredding vol. 63Archived2019-03-1915-23115
Guitar shredding vol. 62Archived2019-02-0742-22214
Guitar shredding vol. 61Archived2019-01-1724-20114
Guitar shredding vol. 60Archived2018-12-0942-27213
Guitar shredding vol. 59Archived2018-11-1442-33314