Band "Guitar shredding"

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Rock - Metal (4 members)
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609 076
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613 916
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640 985
53 014
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Band members

Bowen RodgersMale51y 3m€3 289 p/tDrummer (100)
Francis CollinsMale34y 0m€3 237 p/tLead Guitar (100)
Imogen GoodwinFemale23y 3m€3 428 p/tRhythm Guitar (100)
Judith BowenFemale55y 1m€3 217 p/tVocalist (100)
Ralph CardenasMale56y 4m€2 923 p/tBass Guitar (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
The PoliceCharting2018-06-216414
Artful, ArtlessCharting2018-06-156130410
Mother SkyArchived2018-06-08-83215
Pass It OnArchived2018-06-02-82215
Infinite DreamsArchived2018-05-18-80215Guitar shredding vol. 54
Another Love SongArchived2018-05-11-78216Guitar shredding vol. 54
RiseArchived2018-05-05-83216Guitar shredding vol. 54
Ashes To AshesArchived2018-04-21-88215Guitar shredding vol. 53
New York, New YorkArchived2018-04-15-88116Guitar shredding vol. 53
Crisis!Archived2018-04-06-89114Guitar shredding vol. 53
ConfettiArchived2018-03-31-84215Guitar shredding vol. 53
A Night In TunisiaArchived2018-03-15-68314Guitar shredding vol. 52
One By OneArchived2018-03-09-76215Guitar shredding vol. 52
CaliforniacationArchived2018-03-02-82216Guitar shredding vol. 52
MusicArchived2018-02-13-76215Guitar shredding vol. 51
Lose YourselfArchived2018-02-04-79215Guitar shredding vol. 51
ScreamArchived2018-01-23-73115Guitar shredding vol. 50
Happy HolidayArchived2018-01-15-75115Guitar shredding vol. 50
DaydreamerArchived2018-01-09-68116Guitar shredding vol. 50
TimeArchived2017-12-26-71216Guitar shredding vol. 49


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Guitar shredding vol. 54Archived2018-05-2633-13214
Guitar shredding vol. 53Archived2018-04-2724-13214
Guitar shredding vol. 52Archived2018-03-2433-18213
Guitar shredding vol. 51Archived2018-02-2142-13311
Guitar shredding vol. 50Archived2018-01-2933-12114
Guitar shredding vol. 49Archived2018-01-0215-13117
Guitar shredding vol. 48Archived2017-11-2115-10118
Guitar shredding vol. 47Archived2017-10-0924-13213
Guitar shredding vol. 46Archived2017-09-0415-13115
Guitar shredding vol. 45Archived2017-07-2942-11213
Guitar shredding vol. 44Archived2017-07-0933-11113
Guitar shredding vol. 43Archived2017-06-0915-23116
Guitar shredding vol. 42Archived2017-04-2942-9115
Guitar shredding vol. 41Archived2017-04-0833-14115
Guitar shredding vol. 40Archived2017-03-1233-12216
Guitar shredding vol. 39Archived2017-02-0815-9116
Guitar shredding vol. 38Archived2016-12-2942-11115
Guitar shredding vol. 37Archived2016-12-0633-11313
Guitar shredding vol. 36Archived2016-11-0642-12410
Guitar shredding vol. 35Archived2016-10-1442-13116