Band "Front Street"

Music style
Pop - Boy Band (3 members)
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Fully formed
558 642
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558 640
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585 521
52 027
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38 832
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46 824
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94 057
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61 827 382

Band members

Ida WoodardFemale30y 4m€3 190 p/tModern Dance (100)
Paulette CochraneFemale22y 10m€3 364 p/tRapping (100)
Sapphire PotterFemale38y 3m€3 114 p/tVocalist (100)
Violet GarrettFemale39y 8m€3 071 p/tBreakdance (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Addicted To LoveCharting2019-04-1514826Front Street vol. 65
Feelin’Charting2019-04-08115110313Front Street vol. 65
Last DayArchived2019-03-25-138515Front Street vol. 64
Catch Me If You CanArchived2019-03-19-116215Front Street vol. 64
A GirlArchived2019-03-12-97313Front Street vol. 64
TeardropArchived2019-02-24-109515Front Street vol. 63
SuzieArchived2019-02-17-103414Front Street vol. 63
Too Much HeavenArchived2019-01-31-96313Front Street vol. 62
Life Goes OnArchived2019-01-25-97313Front Street vol. 62
Where’s Your Head At?Archived2019-01-17-104315Front Street vol. 62
RiddledArchived2019-01-05-106215Front Street vol. 61
Cinema on the BrainArchived2018-12-28-105415Front Street vol. 61
We’ve Only Just BegunArchived2018-12-21-113315Front Street vol. 61
Living In DangerArchived2018-12-15-99215Front Street vol. 61
Search & DestroyArchived2018-12-07-82214Front Street vol. 61
Britzkrieg BopArchived2018-11-24-96315Front Street vol. 60
The FloorArchived2018-11-15-92214Front Street vol. 60
182 – The Rock ShowArchived2018-11-09-100314Front Street vol. 60
Let’s Stay TogetherArchived2018-10-24-79113Front Street vol. 59
Ring The AlarmArchived2018-10-17-87213Front Street vol. 59


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Front Street vol. 65Recording42----
Front Street vol. 64Archived2019-04-0233-46413
Front Street vol. 63Archived2019-03-0342-31412
Front Street vol. 62Archived2019-02-0733-24114
Front Street vol. 61Archived2019-01-1015-30114
Front Street vol. 60Archived2018-11-3033-18113
Front Street vol. 59Archived2018-11-0233-24414
Front Street vol. 58Archived2018-10-0424-15113
Front Street vol. 57Archived2018-08-2824-15212
Front Street vol. 56Archived2018-07-2424-27216
Front Street vol. 55Archived2018-06-1815-18215
Front Street vol. 54Archived2018-05-0733-18115
Front Street vol. 53Archived2018-04-0724-19415
Front Street vol. 52Archived2018-03-0542-17316
Front Street vol. 51Archived2018-02-1242-15310
Front Street vol. 50Archived2018-01-2142-24311
Front Street vol. 49Archived2017-12-2742-15314
Front Street vol. 48Archived2017-12-0442-9213
Front Street vol. 47Archived2017-11-1133-18214
Front Street vol. 46Archived2017-10-1524-18114