Band "Front Street"

Music style
Pop - Boy Band (3 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
605 583
Last rating
626 724
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630 612
61 665
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Sales today
7 552
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16 455
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107 499
Sales total
77 532 382

Band members

Ida WoodardFemale30y 4m€3 190 p/tModern Dance (100)
Paulette CochraneFemale22y 10m€3 364 p/tRapping (100)
Sapphire PotterFemale38y 3m€3 114 p/tVocalist (100)
Violet GarrettFemale39y 8m€3 071 p/tBreakdance (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
The Good Times (You're In Them)Released2020-02-27----
Positive BleedingArchived2020-02-12-148214Front Street vol. 75
Take This Job And Shove ItArchived2020-02-05-100313Front Street vol. 75
HeroArchived2020-01-28-98414Front Street vol. 75
Wake Up Boo!Archived2020-01-12-101313Front Street vol. 74
Everything Is EverythingArchived2020-01-06-117213Front Street vol. 74
182 – The Rock ShowArchived2019-12-22-101514Front Street vol. 73
Soldier GirlArchived2019-12-16-149313Front Street vol. 73
Washing MachineArchived2019-12-09-89314Front Street vol. 73
Boys Don’t CryArchived2019-11-24-201415Front Street vol. 72
You Really Got MeArchived2019-11-17-98315Front Street vol. 72
This Is WarArchived2019-11-08-119413Front Street vol. 72
Better DaysArchived2019-11-01-133115Front Street vol. 72
You Won't See MeArchived2019-10-17-137315Front Street vol. 71
True FaithArchived2019-10-10-115214Front Street vol. 71
AlbatrossArchived2019-09-30-157415Front Street vol. 71
Dancing PrinceArchived2019-09-23-126415Front Street vol. 71
As We KissedArchived2019-09-17-133215Front Street vol. 71
The Piano Has Been DrinkingArchived2019-08-31-117215Front Street vol. 70
DeniseArchived2019-08-23-109214Front Street vol. 70


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Front Street vol. 75Charting2020-02-1833131129
Front Street vol. 74Archived2020-01-2142-23410
Front Street vol. 73Archived2019-12-3033-26411
Front Street vol. 72Archived2019-11-2924-21214
Front Street vol. 71Archived2019-10-2515-30116
Front Street vol. 70Archived2019-09-0842-24213
Front Street vol. 69Archived2019-08-1642-33315
Front Street vol. 68Archived2019-07-2624-16213
Front Street vol. 67Archived2019-06-1824-24414
Front Street vol. 66Archived2019-05-1442-28611
Front Street vol. 65Archived2019-04-2342-24813
Front Street vol. 64Archived2019-04-0233-46413
Front Street vol. 63Archived2019-03-0342-31412
Front Street vol. 62Archived2019-02-0733-24114
Front Street vol. 61Archived2019-01-1015-30114
Front Street vol. 60Archived2018-11-3033-18113
Front Street vol. 59Archived2018-11-0233-24414
Front Street vol. 58Archived2018-10-0424-15113
Front Street vol. 57Archived2018-08-2824-15212
Front Street vol. 56Archived2018-07-2424-27216