Band "Front Street"

Music style
Pop - Boy Band (3 members)
Band members count
Fully formed
479 724
Last rating
486 674
Highest rating
519 140
39 614
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Sales today
31 000
Sales yesterday
36 146
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81 039
Sales total
42 704 721

Band members

Ida WoodardFemale30y 4m€3 190 p/tModern Dance (100)
Paulette CochraneFemale22y 10m€3 364 p/tRapping (100)
Sapphire PotterFemale38y 3m€3 114 p/tVocalist (100)
Violet GarrettFemale39y 8m€3 071 p/tBreakdance (100)


NameStatusRelease datePositionLast positionHighest positionDaysAlbum
Finding a CureRecorded----
Santa Cruz (You’re Not Hat Far)Charting2018-03-1311936
The ClimbArchived2018-02-26-89315Front Street vol. 52
TimeArchived2018-02-20-87415Front Street vol. 52
Fly Like A BirdArchived2018-02-04-71513Front Street vol. 51
Paris is coolArchived2018-01-28-73315Front Street vol. 51
Alone Again (Naturally)Archived2018-01-12-55313Front Street vol. 50
Yo HeisenbergArchived2018-01-05-78415Front Street vol. 50
The UniversalArchived2017-12-19-52413Front Street vol. 49
CorduroyArchived2017-12-13-62215Front Street vol. 49
Game Over (Live)Archived2017-11-26-73415Front Street vol. 48
New York State Of MindArchived2017-11-20-61115Front Street vol. 48
Back For GoodArchived2017-11-05-71215Front Street vol. 47
Alice BlueArchived2017-10-30-72216Front Street vol. 47
Tutti FruttiArchived2017-10-22-70316Front Street vol. 47
PorcelainArchived2017-10-09-55515Front Street vol. 46
DestructoidArchived2017-09-29-62315Front Street vol. 46
One Way or AnotherArchived2017-09-22-59115Front Street vol. 46
Then Torn againArchived2017-09-12-57515Front Street vol. 46
Ghost TownArchived2017-08-31-64315Front Street vol. 45


NameStatusRelease dateAlbum songsSingles in albumPositionLast positionHighest positionDays
Front Street vol. 52Charting2018-03-05421614314
Front Street vol. 51Archived2018-02-1242-15310
Front Street vol. 50Archived2018-01-2142-24311
Front Street vol. 49Archived2017-12-2742-15314
Front Street vol. 48Archived2017-12-0442-9213
Front Street vol. 47Archived2017-11-1133-18214
Front Street vol. 46Archived2017-10-1524-18114
Front Street vol. 45Archived2017-09-0515-12114
Front Street vol. 44Archived2017-07-2615-9214
Front Street vol. 43Archived2017-06-1415-18114
Front Street vol. 42Archived2017-05-0424-9114
Front Street vol. 41Archived2017-04-0142-11315
Front Street vol. 40Archived2017-03-0915-14117
Front Street vol. 39Archived2017-01-3042-12311
Front Street vol. 38Archived2017-01-0824-18115
Front Street vol. 37Archived2016-12-0524-12214
Front Street vol. 36Archived2016-11-0142-14213
Front Street vol. 35Archived2016-10-0442-9313
Front Street vol. 34Archived2016-09-1333-10210
Front Street vol. 33Archived2016-08-1824-14415